ID 1851 - Olej z wątroby rekina (alkiloglicerol)

PL: Olej z wątroby rekina (alkiloglicerol)
EN: Shark liver oil/alkylglycerol

Oświadczenie (2)

1.1. Funkcje układu odpornościowego (ID 433, 605, 645, 791, 1384, 1451, 1624, 1743, 1776, 1838, 1851, 1854, 1891, 1895, 3074, 3191, 3211, 3218, 3336, 3341, 3450, 3514, 3658, 3756, 3802, 3805, 3841, 3935, 3979)

The claimed effects are “immune system”, "immunity", “immune health”, “immune system function”, “immune system/exercise stress”, “natural defences”, “systeme immunitaire, stimule l'immunite”, “systeme immunitaire, immunostimulant”, “it improves the immune system and most biological function” and “support immune defences”. The Panel assumes that the target population is the general population.
The claimed effects were not sufficiently defined and no further details were given in the proposed wording or the information provided in the consolidated list. Given the multiple roles of the immune system, the specific aspect of immune function that is the subject of the health claim has not been indicated in the information provided.
The Panel considers that the claimed effects are general and non-specific and do not refer to any specific health claim as required by Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006.

Warunki i możliwe ograniczenia stosowania oświadczenia

Food supplement containing shark liver oil and 180-360 mg/daily dose of alkylglycerol.